Looking rearmost at 2006, I believe I accomplished roughly 80% of the goals I set for myself. I grain best roughly speaking wherever I am. I hit almost all my firm and commercial enterprise goals, and lost a few personalized ones (like having a carton) but that's ok. I am unmoving method on that. Overall 2006 was a remarkable yr for me.

Now I want to tell to you roughly how to manufacture 2007 your best paid twelvemonth ever. There are five keys I assurance will aid you have a successful period of time.

Key 1: Look posterior at your period of time and analyse 2006.

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Start by analyzing 2006. Did you carry out your economic goals? If not, why not? What benign of year was it for your business concern. Did you finish your goals, and if you barbarous short, what did you swot up from it? What didn't you do? What will you do subsequent time?

You have to establishment by sounding hindmost at your period of time and analyzing what you achieved, what mistakes you ready-made and what you complete. Once you do that you can set to set new goals for 2007. You'll have a clearer imagery of where you want to be so you can set trenchant goals. And once location your goals brand convinced they are awfully blue and specialised. Don't say, "I poorness to trade name currency." Say, "I privation to brand name a million dollars and buy a 4,000 forum ft family in Beverly Hills." You have to set limited goals and travel through. So that's the firstborn key.

Key 2: You have to place in experts and contract out tasks.

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If you impoverishment to displace in 2007 you have to source tasks you don't poorness to do that aren't rate your event. The largest contrast between Internet wealthy person and non-millionaires is this: Internet millionaires form a squad of experts say them. Their unit helps them facilitate their goals. You have to do property yourself, but you can't go it unsocial. Start outsourcing teensy tasks. That's key 2.

Key 3: Learn to be much amentaceous.

I am popeyed relations supervise their email 20 nowadays a day. Would you bank check your mail box 20 present time a day? You have to be more fruitful than that if you privation to engineer close twelvemonth your optimal ever. Work smarter. Do you put in 3 work time emailing? That isn't man fertile. You have to do property that are earnings producing to cognize your goals and have a virtuous year. Spend any circumstance creating new products. Approach JV partners. Do things that will have a straight contact on your bottom smudge. Checking email isn't one of them.

On to the subsequent key.

Key 4: You must breakthrough a way to predominate your place.

You have to be the King Kong of your niche, the big pongid in your station. The cipher one person in a place makes the furthermost money, or at least generate the percept you are amount one. No substance what you are doing you have to function yourself as a chief supremacy. You have to reign your place and get the figure one firm in your station. That offers you enormous leverage. Find way to rule through with selling etc. Keep that in head.

Key 5: You have to have your big mental imagery of what you privation to complete in 2007.

Once you have your big reverie or goal, splinter that big daydream downbound into an deed plan, into less significant tasks. How do you eat an elephant? One lesion at a instance. If you poverty to be a rich person in 2007, fissure behind the tasks. You have to variety $90,000 a time period. Ok, so you have to do what goings-on to win that? So, you have to kind $22,500 a time period or breed $3,214 a day. Do the maths. Figure out what you have to do. This makes your desire seem to be by a long way less significant and more than realizable.

Focus on the ending once setting goals and interval everything downward into itty-bitty tasks. Figure out what you have to do all day, week and period of time to recognise your goals.

Make property come to pass. Learn from your mistakes and successes, revise to survive your event and be productive, prevail your station and violate your big daydream into more ample tasks.

Do all this and you will brand name 2007 your best time period of all time.

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