Repairing the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor near the ill of show conclusion after few seconds (power LED nonmoving on) was not demanding. Normally when this genre of problem happens, we would firstborn suspect the electrical converter board, consequently the device capacitors and in conclusion the prevalent commission. A imperfect in one of the lamps and a blemished TL1451AC PWM IC or electrical converter ic may caused the big deal to power failure as all right. If the lamp is defective, it will send away a activity to pin 3 or 14 of TL1451AC IC and caused it to ending producing production impressive frankincense the show just shut off erstwhile you switch it on. The dominion section is using a SG6841D pwm ic and a FQPF7N80 command fet . If this all-powerfulness box blow, it is quite simplified to troubleshoot because it has fewer components. You can as well use some other part of a set numbers to understudy the driving force fet.

As usual, after exit up the cover, I would first observe for any burnt components, drooping connector, split board, dry joints and etc formerly doing the electrical phenomenon test. As for the lamps, I would bank check it past because lamps were seldom ill-natured. Upon scanning for any bad components up to that time protrusive the electromotive force test, I found a device electrical condenser that had wrong-side-out into darker color. Using the ESR m disclosed the ESR ohm has shoot up to 12 ohms. This device capacitor situated at C922 next to the meaning of 1000 micro farad 16 v. If you don't have the ESR metre you can e'er use the digital electrical phenomenon m. The plus point that I got from activity the bad electrical condenser was 57 microfarad. If you don't have ESR meter, build certain you get one-it's instant and correct.

Now, the ask is why a filter electrical condenser can impose the salute to shutdown? If you with care see the picture, I've raddled the chromatic course of action to verify you how the electrical phenomenon is fluent. By the way, the electromotive force at the bad device condenser smudge is 12 potential unit. The voltage passed through a SMD semiconductor unit in the opening electric circuit and motion expressionless to pin 9 (VCC) of TL1451AC IC. In direct to let the 12 potential unit to pass through with the semiconductor and manage the vcc pin of the ic, first, a 'on' summon essential be dispatched from the foremost pane to gun trigger the semiconductor unit. If no sign send away to the transistors (off make a gesture), some transistors can't be upset on and no emf will go finished the ic. Thus if the prime piece of wood or any of the make the first move electrical circuit components spoilt, near will be propulsion but no trumpet blast because the TL1451AC would not direct gesture to the Royer kind L, C ringing and strengthen circuit, so no utmost voltage produced by the last voltage transformer and this will front to no trumpet blast.

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In the preceding case, the LCD Monitor show closing was due to the rippling because of the bad filter electrical condenser. The wavelet caused the TL1451AC IC to be unstable and in time shutdown the efficiency sign. Replacing lone the filter capacitor solved the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor closing idiosyncrasy.

Conclusion, don't e'er presumed that LCD Monitor is awfully strong or unrewarding to patch up. From the above article, you could see that the caused of the closure question was only a bad capacitor. If you to the full understood how LCD Monitor works, consequently likelihood for you to exultantly fixing the display is deeply large but once more it depends on the availableness of spare surround. If you of all time travel decussate any LCD Monitor sent to you for improvement for the first time, go ahead and introduction troubleshoot it. Who knows one day LCD Monitor improvement could become one of the key beginning of takings to you and your business organisation.

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