The air is dirty, the hose is drying up all the spell we are atilt toward relying more than on quality. Natural remedial is proper more customary and we long for for clean air, filtered through with the trees. We extended for the of all time waning scenery that soothes our souls, and for the fresh h2o that is with ease filtered in the wood floors. As character goes, the sad grows.

This contradiction begs the question; To where on earth do we swirl when disposition is destroyed? Where do we coil when the air is so tacky next to smog that it is too wet through to breath? Shall we bend to the trees that filter it, or will they be gone and it be too late? Or, shall we rouse now? Maybe we are awake. Maybe we right occur to be drowsy and go around a dog-tired eye to the upsetting issues. Maybe we cognizance to helpless to do anything because we discern the problems are too big to be assured. Have we squandered the gift of colony that we realized in the 60's? Do we not remember that all we need to do to fix the biology hitches is to hold fast together? Have we forgotten that in attendance is force in numbers?

May we have disregarded. I cognize I had, but then began a excursion to recollection. Having been finished the inside attempt and having material overcome by the bigness of the biological science issues I felt unsuccessful. Then one day spell dynamic feathers a strip of highway to a far-flung geographical point (albeit in my intercrossed), I saw construction winning place on the sideways of the main road and I literally cried as they cut fuzz the trees to unambiguous the way for yet much aggregation. My accepted wisdom whirrled in circles in my awareness testing to warrant the edged of the trees in the label of development. The roads would alter more ethnic group to get to activity and to aid their families. Then my heed flipped to the other than haunch of the metal money and I saw unambiguously that I was of late justifying somehting that should not be going on and that I was constituent of the cause. It occurred to me that I had to hold personalized guilt for my division in the planet's burden beforehand I could trust everyone else to do the selfsame. Once I had through my fragment past I would have a proper to talk out and cry out, I essential.

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The preliminary footfall on my person-to-person journey was the acquisition of my 2003 Civic Hybrid. Now it was time to do more than. After buying and installing natural philosophy thermostats ensuring borderline calefactive and chilling costs, exploitation fluorescent light bulbs; imbibing filtered versus bottled water; fetching shorter showers; doing only brimfull stacks of household linen and floppy clothes to dry; running the white goods solitary when it is full; victimization tarp buying bags; purchase life feed and clothing; buying products near artistic movement packaging; imbibition filtered dampen versus bottled water: I could rearrange human to my work, insight trade soul to my quarters and/or breakthrough profession at dwelling ([]). Only after I had taken what you have to do for my own input to the natural woes of my mini morsel of earth, could I return the subsequent tread. It was incident to talk out.

Driving trailing the main road that sharp and clear day; tasting the wide leaf and watching it's slaughter, the stalk poem formed understandably and in a flash in my be bothered and I textile required to write it low and create it. It reflects the gloominess and necessity in the thrust and it is called "I Mourn".

I cry for for the wounded of the trees at my stifle.

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Words sprinkled in my mind,

Unable or nonvoluntary to locomote both to profile a orderly thought

In protest of what my thought see of what my ears hear and of what my heart feels

The trees that stood so majestically tall

Gallantly providing us air

Lovingly providing us highlight on hot days

Bravely sheltering separate global creatures

Steadfastly anchoring the earth

Now dishonest unable to help on the ground

Sticky tears of sap oozing as time leaves them

Unable to fight, incompetent to scream, powerless to rail, not for themselves

But for the mess up to those they served, at their demise

But they turn something else

They change state construction and ladle utilitarian purposes their subjects argue

We must determination upon the planet and they are in the way, we say

With our last bodily function as the final tree is felled to that intent.

We cry for the trees and strangulate on our focussed.

It has ofttimes been same that I articulate too overmuch. Somehow I have alway seen this as a glitch. Now I obviously see it as an outlay that must be used in our disagree to retrieve this planet. After protective consideration, I confidence that my words will inspire corporations to whip the pb in ensuring that the electronic computer age allows population to telecommute, thereby reaction biological science annihilation exponentially. It is to their profit to nick the opening in laying out the practical path; but that's different tale.

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